Time to give back

Time to give back

Posted by @Adrien Ledoux on September 3rd, 2021

Update 1: Pre-order for the calendar will stop on the 22nd of October. Order will ship on the 1st of November

Before the pandemic started, many of us did not realise the need of being in the outdoors, we often took it for granted. Being connected with nature has invaluable benefits for our minds and our mental health.
We all have that special place that will always bring a distinctive feeling to ourselves, especially in darker times like nowadays.
To me, one of these places is Peak District. 

To celebrate Peak District and its astonishing landscapes as well as helping others, I wanted to do something special. I know many of us struggled during the pandemic, between the several lockdowns that kept us from seeing loved ones, unable to spend time with family & friends and sometimes not being able to enjoy the outdoors has taken a toll on many of us. 

I feel lucky that I have photography in my life to keep me grounded, so I wanted to give back and help through my craft. It drove me to create a calendar that showcases the Peak District in all its splendour and diversity; so people can get inspired to visit the park and benefit from the outdoors. More importantly, all the proceed from the calendar will go to a mental health charity called "Mind”.

The calendar is now available on pre-order until mid of October. We are aiming to fulfill all order by the end of October although bear in mind that shipping these days is always a moving target due to Covid.

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When you receive your copy, we tried to create an immersive experience. On each page of the calendar, in addition to the location and the month overview, we placed QR codes which link back to our page on my website describing the story behind the photograph. You can use the camera on your phone in order to read them.

Thanks you so much for supporting this campaign.

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Please feel free to visit the Mind website to found out more about what this amazing charity is doing to share awareness about mental health.

About your detail

At the order stage, we are capturing email addresses in order to keep you updated about the stage of your order. The final email that you will receive will be concerning the amount we raised with your support. After this we delete all personal details except if you tell otherwise. Privacy is our main concern.

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